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Hello Ladies,

Let me give you a little intro about myself. I am Stacy's Aunt Paula. I love to cook, just about as much as I love to eat and drink good wine.

I cook for a healthy heart. That means olive oil, lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. But of course
you need a lot of red wine to go with just about everything. I change a lot of different recipes that look interesting to me. I change them to suit my needs. So to me they have become my own. Just think of it as doing a little reference work !!! I am of Italian and Austrian descent, so I believe the need for olive oil and wine runs in my veins. I do a lot of gardening in the summer. I have enough basil to feed a small planet pesto for a year. I also grow rosemary, dill, sage and chives. Because I can't use butter, I have to flavor with a lot of spices.

We now are proud owners of a boat. I have been experimenting cooking a lot of fish and lobster. Fish is something you really need to master. It didn't come easy to me.

Look forward to sharing some recipes with you.

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Complete Pasta Cookbook by WIlliams-Sonoma, "1999"

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