Paula Martin's Pork Chops And Tomatoes

Here is an inexpensive and very satisfying, healthy meal. Doesn't get much easier than this recipe. My friend Paula Martin uses it to feed her family of four. It is a meal to warm you and your kitchen up on these cold winter days.

Ingredients: 4 pork chops, center cut or on the bone
2 small cans of seasoned diced tomatoes. You will need more if the chops are large.
Chicken broth as needed, usually about a cup
Cooked rice or pasta
Salt, fresh ground pepper, oregano and garlic
Olive oil

Use a large skillet or electric skillet. Season pork chops with salt, pepper, oregano and garlic. Quickly brown pork chops in olive oil or canola oil. Pour tomatoes over chops and add enough chicken broth to cover the chops. Cover and simmer for an hour and a half to two hours or until tender. You may need to add more chicken broth as the chops simmer. Keeping the chops covered will insure they stay moist. Serve over rice or pasta. I used Long Grain American Basmati Rice, talk about satisfying.

Paula JeannePaula Jeanne



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