Preserved Strawberries With Chiles

Ladies. You must make these Preserved Strawberries with Chiles.

Refrigerator jams are my favorite - small batches you don't have to can but can allow a short happy life in the fridge - for week, if they last that long. This is from a great website, Food52, and I made this one Sunday morning. The prep is effortless - hull and split strawberries, seed and chop a dried chile or two, scoop sugar, squeeze lemon. I stood over it, stirring occasionally as it came together. The recipe says it can take about an hour to come together but mine took a bit less than 40 minutes - and that was just me standing in the kitchen reading the paper and admiring it with an occasional stir.

I ended up adding a second New Mexico chile; it calls for one to start with and add more if you choose, and it was delightfully spicy. You could stick to one for a more subtle heat. Also, she says to chop the chile roughly, but Brian got a strip of cooked chile and it was too hot for him, so I suggest a finer chop. I didn't think they were that hot, but he did.

We ate this on bagels with and without cream cheese and it was fab. i think it would also be good on a savory sort of thing as a spicy sweet note. You could really crank up the heat and turn it into a kind of chutney and use it as an accompaniment.

I think next time I will try one and a half chiles for my husband's palate unless I'm planning on chutnifying it.

Make this when you have an abundance of local strawberries and you'll have a fine week.




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