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Here's a collection of all our cooking tips that appear on the site and on the blog. Happy cooking.

A Few Notes On Baking
I am a baker. I love baking. Often I bake things and give them away since I can't eat a whole whatever-it-is. Here are a few things I've learned. I'll add to them as I think of more tips!

Cheese Recommendations
I am dedicating this section to the cheeses I have tried and loved. Of course, we know you can't go wrong with the St. Agur, the Parm-Reg, the Goat Gouda, but have you tried….

Cooking Videos
Epicurious now has short videos in which they show you basic cooking techniques. Neat!

Cooking with Olive Oil
Paula Jeanne
The most important part of this article is about heating olive oil. If you heat it to 400 degrees or more it is ruined and no longer good for you. I try to add it after I cook something or keep the temp under 400. When I am browing chix I use just a little canola oil, then add the olive oil to the dish once the temp is lowered. Because I use so much olive oil in my cooking my good cholesterol HDL, is high. My Doctor Grady is amazed.

Cooking With One Hand
Here I am attempting to collect recipes that don't require much prep, especially chopping. Also a good starting point for those who feel lazy or are carrying a baby in one arm.

Cool Wiki Trick of the Day: Hot Keys
Hey ladies! Our wiki has a bunch of hot keys that come as second nature to all computer users. I'm listing 4 basic ones that will make it much easier for you to write posts on the wiki.

Cool Wiki Trick of the Day: Links
Here's my cool wiki trick of the day.

Crying Over Onions
I've heard all the supposed remedies for avoiding the weepy sting of the onion. For some reason, though, I am particularly prone to excessive crying. This is especially true at my parents' house—which either means they consistently purchase stronger onions or I have some psychological issues to work out.

Fresh Ricotta Cheese
I did a lot of research before I began. Most recipes online call for using whole milk and cream, but since I had 2%, that's what I went with. In the recipe that follows, I'll include alternative suggestions that I came across.

By heaven, you can spend as much as you could dream of to stock your kitchen with gadgets. Sadly, not all are worth your money, space and effort. Here are a few things I've discovered in my years of cooking so far!

Keeping A Dinner Party Journal
There are a lot of good reasons to do this, but I'll give you two: pragmatic assurance that you're not feeding the same guests the same meals over and over (and feeding asparagus to the asparagus-hater) and you get an amazing history of your social and culinary life in short-hand.

Korean Store Shopping List
Staples to purchase at the Korean grocery store (may also be available at general Asian markets). I've limited this list chiefly to items that are tricky to find in regular grocery stores.

Paula Jeanne
I am so envious of your ability to eat cookies with so much butter. I miss being young in more ways than one. Enjoy while you can. Paula Dean would be so happy with your recipe. She is the queen of butter. Just a thought about adding a twist to the cookie, lemon zest. It really brings out the flavor of the chocolate and vanilla. Just a thought. Try a test next time you make them, make a few with the zest.

Roasted Veggies
This is less a recipe than a strategy for creating multiple meals quickly. The idea is to invest a bit of time roasting (or even grilling) many veggies, then using them in various ways during the week.

Science and Folklore
A fun article about the endlessly fascinating science of cooking.
At the Stove, a Dash of Science, a Pinch of Folklore

Setting Up an RSS Reader
I love my Google RSS Reader so much I feel it is my duty to spread the word. Some of you methinks already have an RSS reader set up, but if you don't, here's a quick guide. By using it, you can get live updates from all of your favorite sites at the same time. An RSS reader works just like email—whenever a website you are tracking (i.e., Ladies Recipes, NYTimes Most Emailed Stories, your friend's blog, etc.) posts something new, a linked message will be delivered to your reader. Instead of visiting multiple websites to check for new content, the content comes to you! And it's all in one place.

Shopping Lists
Put these items in your grocery store when you make it to these specialty markets. And please add to this list with your favorites…I want to know what you are all privy to!

Why You Need A Price Club Membership
Ok, let's set aside the convenience of buying paper products and cleaning stuff. Here is the reason:

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